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It's not just about losing the weight, it's about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there. My goal is to help you achieve health and wellness, through awareness, knowledge and lifestyle change. Are you 'hungry for change' ? Finally, a smart and well balanced program that supports both Health Canada's Food Guidelines along with the MyPlate Food Guide.

To successfully reach your weight loss goals you first need to understand HOW to lose weight the right way---once and for all. I will provide a complete yet easy explanation of exactly what is required for weight loss to take place. I also provide you with all the program materials needed to help you lose weight.

The weekly support classes hold you accountable and keep you losing weight---fun, informative and result producing!! The classes will consist of a private weigh in. A motivational meeting filled with information to educate ourselves and transform our relationship with food.

Everyday challenges and situations are discussed to help problem solve. A portion of these classes are dedicated to 'changing your thoughts to help you change your weight'. What you feed your mind determines your appetite. Discover factors that may have stopped you from losing weight in the past. Recipes and food product ideas are provided.

Numerous topics are discussed including stress and emotional eating, portion control, exercise, choosing the right foods for your body, meal planning, socializing and enjoying events without feeling deprived and much more. Enjoy unlimited support and attention! Learn to lose those unwanted pounds, stay accountable and see results. The effort you put in will reflect the weight you take off. It's not a short term diet, it's a long term lifestyle change!

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